Matthew Stafford

National Director of Operations

Matthew oversees the implementation and execution of operations and systems nationwide. His extensive experience and expertise in these areas stems from years of experience in the regulated marijuana industries in California and Colorado. Having worked with both indoor and outdoor crops Matthew has been able to adapt and apply his knowledge and skills to consistently assure the quality of medical and recreational cannabis in every climate, region and facility he has worked in. Additionally, he is responsible for programming, organizing and implementing The Clinic’s proprietary inventory and production tracking system. His attention to detail and commitment to compliance have proven to be valuable as he has been able to adapt and implement this system to the rules and regulations of other states The Clinic works in. Matthew presented this proprietary system to the Illinois Department of Agriculture where it became the first approved tracking systems in the state, thus allowing The Clinic to be the first cultivation facility to legally start cultivating plants in Illinois. Matthew holds two B.S. degrees from the University of Colorado, Denver.